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Branding strategy, naming, packaging design, photography, messaging, commerce web design & build, digital marketing, and content.


Skinega is a luxury vegan skincare start-up brand who had discovered an ingredient complex but needed to put an identity and growth strategy to the business.

We undertook the mammoth task of doing everything. From the brand name to the packaging, to designing and building the e-commerce website, and all things creative.

skincare bottle packaging design


They wanted a name that said skin and anti-aging. So we took them on their literal request, and combined the word “skin” with the word “age” in reverse, and out came skin + ega = SKINEGA.
The name origin isn’t necessarily obvious when it’s read, it’s still a nice, short name that works well. We felt the name was strong enough to stand alone without a logo and so the name itself became the logo.


The remit for the packaging was simplicity and luxury with a gender-neutral feel.

We designed a textured hard box exterior packaging to help deliver this message with a sleek, clean, silver bottle. The result was a beautifully photogenic finish, which was important for this direct-to-consumer brand.

beauty packaging box design
beauty packaging design
skincare packaging design


We wrote over 30,000 words worth of content that has been published in various magazines, blogs, and also undertook a series of provocative creative advertising to engage the online audience.

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We built a fully responsive, highly intuitive e-commerce website with a simple and sleek design to help navigate customers to purchase through this direct to consumer site.

We also wrote scripts and shot videos for the founders to showcase the product, and why it is unique.

skincare ecommerce website design
skincare ecommerce mobile website design

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